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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

General Ramblings......

Here is my recent progress of CC Kuik's Pirate Mermaid. Some of you may have seen her posted on the HAED BB. I am stitching this along with Nancy. I was going to try, and finish the other fishy yesterday, but my head just wouldn't let me. It may not let me get much stitching done today either.

Nancy, and I will also be starting Koi Mermaid from Character Creations.

Also, we will also be starting Village of Hawk Run Hollow from Carriage House Samplings. Nancy will be stitching hers on 40ct. Lakeside Linen Magnolia, and I will be stitching mine on 40ct. Lakeside Linen Vintage Strawflower.


Blogger Amy said...

I love your pirate mermaid! It's funny how art that didn't really grab me before ends up on my wishlist after I see it stitched up. You're moving right along!

7:49 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

you're really kickin butt' on this one Jenifer! Beautiful progress so far!

8:15 AM  

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